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Welcome to Mauldeth Road Primary School


Welcome to Mauldeth Road Primary School


Welcome to our Mauldeth Road Primary School Website. We hope that you find it easy to navigate and that any information you need is accessible. If not, please do let us know!

Please note that the digital content we share with parents and carers is to be found on our Class Dojo platform. Please log-in to Class Dojo for updates about activities in class, photos, videos etc.


About Us

Mauldeth Road Primary School is an inclusive school with a strong, caring, pastoral structure which underpins an inspiring curriculum. We seek to develop the potential of every child in all subjects. Staff care for the children and are skilled in planning to meet their individual needs, both personally and academically. We believe that building good relationships is the key to success and the children and staff of Mauldeth Road Primary School are encouraged to work together to ensure everyone feels cared for, valued and happy – supported by parents and the governing board. Older children are encouraged to take on responsibility around school and be good examples for our younger children.

Our curriculum is based on developing a high standard of English and maths skills which can be transferred across to other subjects. High academic achievement and creative development are valued at all stages, with the classroom focus continuing to be on challenge, engagement, inspiration, fun and memorable learning. Learning is celebrated in all its forms and children are encouraged to take risks and be independent, resilient and confident, both inside and outside the classroom. We have a committed staff team, who support and encourage learning, including those children who may need a little extra help.

Our aim is that all children leave Mauldeth Road Primary school believing in themselves, having the skills to support others and striving to reach their full potential as calm, courteous, kind and co-operative lifelong learners.

This song, I am The Earth, perhaps gives a little flavour of how this sounds in practice!


Parent Governor Recruitment

If you are interested in the role of parent governor and have children currently attending the school, we will shortly be holding an election. The nomination form is one of the files at the foot of this page that you can download. For further details, please  see the accompanying information letter also at the foot of the page. 



The area around school is heavily congested. Please try to park away from school and walk in. Please do not park on Aubrey Road or near to the school crossing patrols. Please also avoid mounting the kerb, as it is really dangerous for pedestrians when car doors are opened. Please only drive into the car park at the start and the end of the school day if you have agreed this in advance.

South Manchester Little Library Trail

This is an initiative which aims to help children access books. You can find the details by clicking this link: South Manchester Little Library Trail






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Mauldeth Road Primary School
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M14 6SG

Mr Andrew Kilcoyne

T: 0161 224 3588

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