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Reception & Nursery

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The curriculum for the foundation stage is met by supporting, promoting and developing children's personal, social, and emotional well-being.

We provide opportunities for each child to become a valued member of the nursery, school and larger community, to promote a strong self-image and self esteem.

Children are given opportunities to work alone, in small or large groups. They are given time to focus on activities and experiences and develop their own interests.

We plan for the development of independence skills and for children with particular needs.



Mathematical development depends on children becoming confident and competent in learning key skills including, sorting, matching, making patterns and connections, working with numbers, shapes, space and measures.

It is developed through stories, songs, games and imaginative play, so that children enjoy using and experimenting with numbers. This is achieved through practical activities that are both enjoyable and imaginative.


Understanding the World

In this area of learning children are developing the crucial knowledge, skills and understanding that help them make sense of the world around them.

This is the foundation for later work in science, design and technology, history, geography and ICT. Activities are based on first hand experiences that encourage exploration, observation, problem solving, decision making and discussion

We develop a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to stimulate interest and curiosity.



In the foundation stage this is about improving skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement. It helps children gain confidence in what they can do and enables them to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active. It also helps them develop a positive sense of well being.

We plan activities that offer appropriate physical challenges both indoor and outside with a variety of equipment and by providing resources to support specific skills.


Communication, Language and Literacy

We provide opportunities for children to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings, and build up relationships with adults and each other. Children enjoy a wide range of songs, poetry, stories and non-fiction books.

They participate in role play and imaginative play helping to develop their communication skills.

The children experiment writing by making marks and personal writing symbols. A lot of time is spent developing spoken language through conversations between children and adults, both one to one and in small groups.

In Nursery and Reception we work from the phonics programme Read Write Inc. 


Expressive Arts and Design

Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of learning and another, and to extend their understanding. This area of learning includes art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play

This is achieved in our Nursery through providing a stimulating environment in which creativity, originality and expressions are valued.




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