Personal, Social and Health Education

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

at Mauldeth Road


When teaching PSHE we want:

To equip children with the skills to confidently talk, listen and think about feelings and relationships  

To enable children to become active citizens who respect their own and others’ communities and values

To enable children to understand and develop healthy and safe lifestyles

To foster an appreciation of  the importance of caring for their environment  

To develop the whole child, fostering the skills to become independent and responsible members of our school, its community  and British society.




As part of the EYFS curriculum the children are encouraged to be confident to try new activities and show independence, resilience and perseverance in the face of challenge. They talk about the reasons for rules and to know right from wrong. EYFS also focus on managing  their own basic hygiene and personal needs, including dressing, going to the toilet and understanding the importance of healthy food choices. rw nursery teeth.png nursery quote rw .png

Year 1


rw year 1 pshe.pngrw year 1 pshe picture.png In the Healthy lifestyle theme,Year 1 learn about looking after their teeth and choosing the right food to keep themselves healthy. When focussing on the theme Mental and Emotional Health the children discuss what are feelings? and look at how their behaviour affects others? rw 1-feelings picture.JPG

Year 2


rw 3 litter picking.JPG

quote 1 rw(1).PNG

In Year 2 one of the units we study is Healthy Lifestyles. We look at the importance of keeping active and how to stop diseases spreading. As part of the unit on living in the wider world we focus on looking after the environment.We also look at the choices we make when we spend our money.

Year 3


In the theme Keeping Safe Year 3 look at the health risks of smoking and discuss what to do in an emergency situation. When thinking about Healthy Lifestyles they dicuss the importance of personal hygiene and keeping safe in the sun.

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Year 4


rights of the child(1).png Year 4 look at the rights of the child and discuus sustainibilty as part of the theme living in the wider world. When looking at the theme Keeping Safe they discus the differences between illegal and legal drugs and how to manage risks in their everyday life  

Year 5


y5 quote.png rules.jpg As part of the theme Living in the wider world Year 5 discuss how rules and laws are made and changed. They also look at developing their enterprise skills. In the theme Mental and Emotional health they talk about how to negotiate and compromise and being safe when using a mobile or tablet.

Year 6

Year 6 look at basic first aid skills and how to manage peer pressure as part of Keeping safe. In Living in the wider world they discuss the importantance of being critical of the media online and offline and talk about How do people manage money?  Manchester City also work with Year 6 on their mental wellbeing.

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