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The admission of pupils is the responsibility of the Head Teacher and the Governing Body. Pupils are admitted in accordance with the permitted intake number for the year group, which are 60 children. The Local Education Authority must agree to any change in the school’s intake.

Children are currently admitted to the Reception Classes in the Autumn term of the school year during which their fifth birthday falls. Parents MUST apply directly to the Local Education Authority for a Reception place, even if they already attend the school's Nursery. You can apply at Manchester City Council's school's admission page here.

Procedures for Admission

Places are allocated in accordance with the criteria listed below:

1. Children with exceptional social and/or medical reasons determined by the Chief Education Officer.
2. Children with an older sibling already attending the school.
All other children, not in categories 1 and 2, are listed in order of distances from the school (measured as a straight line between the parental home and the school)
NB Children attending the Nursery do not have an automatic right of admission to the Reception Class. Parents are invited to visit the school prior to children's' admission. Arrangements are made for a time mutually convenient.


We aim to create a calm, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment in which children may:

  • Achieve to their full potential.
  • Understand others and respect their beliefs.
  • Care for themselves, their environment and their community.


The school always tries to make parents feel welcome.

However, the needs of all the children take up most of the teacher’s attention. If you have a special concern that you wish to discuss with your child’s Class Teacher or with the Head Teacher, please contact the school office and arrange an appointment.

Appointments will be arranged for a mutually convenient time.

Always remember: nothing should be regarded as too trivial for discussion if you feel it may be affecting your child’s welfare and progress.

Please do not disturb the teacher whilst a class is in progress or about to start.


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