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Attendance Monitoring

Most families have good rates of attendance. In order for us to take stronger measures with those families where attendance is poor, we want to make clear what rates are good and what consequences may follow poor attendance. Please note that any child with attendance below 90% is categorised by government as a persistent absentee.

Attendance certificates are sent out thoughout the school year to all parents as to raise awareness of attendance issues and procedures.

Each registration certificate has a red, yellow or green code on it. Please see attached which explains what these codings mean in practice and what consequences are likely.

Please note no family visits or holidays can be agreed during term time and these have to be coded as unauthorised absences. Fines are likely for any family where children are absent for five days or more without medical evidence.

In focusing so closely upon poor attendance, We do not wish to lose sight of the fact that we need to thank the vast majority of you for ensuring that your children attend so well.


If your child is not in school please let us know the reason, if possible before 9:30 am on the first day of absence, by:

  1. Telephoning our school office (0161 224 3588)
  2. Calling into the school office personally
  3. Email: attendance@mauldethroad.manchester.sch.uk

If you fail to let us know the reason for the absence it will be recorded as unauthorised. It is essential to keep the school informed of extended absences, otherwise your child's place could be at risk.

If your child is consistently absent or late, the Education Welfare Officer will investigate the reasons. The school is required to provide information on the incidence of authorised and unauthorised absence.



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