Attendance Monitoring

Good attendance is crucial to success at school and beyond. Good attendance, to us, means 98% or more of possible school sessions being attended (this is 4 or less days of absence in a school year). Most families have good rates of attendance. Sometimes there are good reasons why a child cannot come into school; these should be reported to us in the ways set out below.

Sadly we sometimes need  to take measures with those families where attendance is poor. The consequences of poor attendance may include fines, prosecution and loss of the school place. If a family is struggling and needs help, we will  try to offer what support we can, but it is ultimately every parent's responsibility to ensure that children attend school every day they can.. Please note that any child with attendance below 90% is categorised by government as a persistent absentee. 

Requests for Leave ansd Unauthorsied Absence

All requests for leave of absence will be responded to in writing, outlining the conditions of leave granted. These will be forwarded to governors for consideration and the headteacher will authorise, or not, on the basis of governors’ determinations. Leave may only be awarded in very exceptional and provable circumstances. Not having had a family holiday for a long time or not having seen relations for some time cannot be accepted as grounds for authorised leave.Please note that no family visits or holidays can be agreed during term time and these have to be coded as unauthorised absences. Fines are likely for any family where children do take leave without permission and  without medical evidence.

Absences will be unauthorised if parents do not contact the school, or respond to requests for information. If medical evidence has been requested and not produced, if children repeatedly take odd days off, or the same day of the week, or if there are repeated short term absences due to similar types of infection, absences will not be authorised. Trips to the shop and preparation for birthdays etc will not be authorised.

In focusing so closely upon poor attendance, We do not wish to lose sight of the fact that we need to thank the vast majority of parents for ensuring that their children attend so well.

Reporting Absence

If your child is not in school please let us know the reason, if possible before 9:30 am on the first day of absence, by:

  1. Telephoning our school office (0161 224 3588)
  2. Calling into the school office personally
  3. Email: [email protected]
  4. Please do not report absences through this website

If you fail to let us know the reason for the absence it will be recorded as unauthorised. It is essential to keep the school informed of extended absences, otherwise your child's place could be at risk.

You can view our full attendance policy below.



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