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Sports Premium

The Pupil Sport Premium funding is used to support and develop a range of skills for staff and pupils and to promote inter-school competitions.

Our Allocation for 2019/20 is £19,500


Mauldeth Road PE, Sport Premium Action Plan 2019-20

Total Annual Funding = £19500







The support and development of quality PE delivery from the teaching staff.

MCFC to support the teaching staff through a process of assessed and evaluated PE delivery training.

The PE specialist to support the teaching staff through a process of assessed and evaluated PE delivery training. 

To engage the teaching staff to improve and enhance the delivery of PE in the next 3-5 years.

To work with five teachers every week during PE lessons.

To improve lesson quality through positive support/feedback and increased confidence in PE delivery.

To ensure sustainability of PE provision across the whole school.









The engagement of ALL pupils in regular physical activity outside of lesson time.

All pupils to engage in physical activity outside of PE.

Increase physical activity during lunchtime across the school.

Improve the provision of ‘Buddies’ in the Infants.

To increase the ‘free’ after-school sports clubs provision.

To provide cricket coaching during the lunch period.

To provide regular training for the Year 5/6 volunteers.


Increased participation in competitive sport opportunities.

Increase the opportunities for competition at Level 1/2.

Ensure appropriate staffing of the relevant competitions.

Set up bowls sessions with Friends of Ladybarn Park

Ensure that we enter more outside competitions across a wider range of sports.





The profile of PE/Sport/Health being raised across the school.

Increase the awareness of PE/Sport/Health opportunities.


Celebrate the success/achievements/progress of our pupils.

Use of assembly time to promote/celebrate sporting success.

A noticeboard used to display images/text for children and their parents.


Increased participation from girls in KS2.

Increase participation in all areas from KS2 girls – clubs/competitions/lunchtimes.


Promote health/friendship through sporting activities.

Introduction of specific lunchtime clubs for girls in basketball/cricket.




Specialist weekly support sessions for highlighted pupils with additional physical needs.

To support the physical development of pupils who have been assessed as needing extra support.

Weekly physical intervention sessions in both KS1 & KS2.


The above KS2 group will participate in the Disability Sports Event @ Sportscity.



 Impact of 2019/20 spending

  1. Increased knowledge, skills and confidence of relevant teaching staff delivering high quality PE lessons.
  2. Greater engagement and opportunities for ALL pupils outside of lesson time.
  3. Increased opportunities for competitive sport.
  4. The profile of PE and Sport being raised across the entire school.
  5. Improved participation levels from girls in KS2.
  6. Progress from pupils given extra PE support and guidance.

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