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At Mauldeth Road Primary School, we aim for high quality teaching and learning, and the heart of this is effective assessment, underpinned by our aim to ensure that all pupils should achieve to their full potential. We use three main forms of assessment: in-school formative, in-school summative, and national standardised summative assessment.


Formative assessment

Formative assessments are the most regular form of assessment that take place at our school. They are what teachers use regular to assess pupil understanding and to inform their teaching strategies. Examples can include: use of questioning, verbal and written feedback, self/peer assessment and informal quizzes.


Summative assessment

Summative assessments take place throughout school. These are assessments which take place at the end of a unit / term / block of learning. We use these to assess a child's understanding against a set of criteria. They typically take the form of a test. We complete these in a range of core and foundation subjects throughout school.


Example of a White Rose Maths end of term test in Year 2
Example of a Year 6 end of unit test in History
Example of a Rising Stars progress test in English
National standardised summative assessments in EYFS

Children in Reception class now take a baseline assessment within the first 6 weeks of entering reception class. This focuses on maths, language, communication and literacy. The results are used as a starting point to assess how much progress children are making.



National standardised summative assessments in KS1

In Year 1, children undertake a phonics screen to check their ability to decode words. They complete the screen again in Year 2 if they do not reach the expected standard in Year 1.


year 1 phonicscheck.png Children in Year 2 previously used to sit end of Key Stage 1 assessments, though these are no longer statutory. year2satspapercover.jpg
National standardised summative assessments in KS2 Children in Year 6 will sit their end of Key Stage 2 assessments (commonly known as SATs). The tests are in reading, grammar punctuation and spelling, and mathematics.  These results are shared with parents, and are published nationally to allow for comparison with other schools.
Year 6 sats pic.png
Example cover of a KS2 national curriculum test paper
Children in Year 4 will undertake an online multiplication tables check. This tests recall of times tables up to 12. Year 4 timestablescheck.jpg


Below you will find the school Assessment policy which has been approved by the Teaching and Learning committee of our school Governing body.

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