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Our History Curriculum aims to inspire in children a curiosity to learn about the past and understand its relevance today. 

We want to provide children with knowledge of local, UK and global history and to develop their chronological understanding.  Through learning about significant historical figures and events, children can begin to understand their impact and legacy. 

We encourage an appreciation of the fact that history can be told from a variety of cultural and political perspectives and nurture critical thinking towards past events and how these have shaped the world we live in today.   







Children learn some similarities and differences between things in the past and now, by drawing on their own and their families' experiences and storytelling in class.    

Year 1



In Year 1 children learn about the past through two significant events, The Great Fire of London and the Gunpowder Plot, and by learning about Homes In the Past.  Learning is enhanced by a trip to Staircase House and a walk around the local area ti study old buildings.   ms_year 1 work 1.jpg

Year 2




Children learn about the past through the study of Manchester in Victorian times and the lives of the following significant individuals: Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell

  ms_quarry bank mill.JPG

Year 3




In Year 3, children learn about Henry VIII and The Tudors, the Roman Empire in Britain and Castles and the Norman Conquest. history yr3.PNG MS_year 3pic.jpg

Year 4




In Year 4 children study An Ancient Cilization in depth, Ancient Egypt.  They also learn about prehistoric Britain, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and about Ancient Greece and its legacy. history y4.PNG inflatable museum(1).JPG

Year 5




In Year 5, children learn about their local area, Manchester, during the Victorian period and the importance of the industrial Revolution.  They also learn about two other  civilizations: the Golden Age of Islam and the Mayans. history yr5.PNG Ms-year 5 work.jpg

Year 6




IMG_Saxons.jpg  In Year 6, the children learn about Invaders and Settlers, through studying the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.  In the final term they learn about the significance of the Battle of Britain in WWII. IMG_20231208_114517e(1).jpg


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