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British Values

We like to think that we instil good, positive values into our children at Mauldeth Road Primary School. In accordance with government requirements, we list below the 'British Values' that we promote. However, when we discussed our values with the children, we decided that a better name would be 'Shared Values'. Why? When we really started to talk about our values, we found that there is nothing exclusively 'British' about them. They are just those values that we would all wish our children to share!

At Mauldeth Road Primary School:

  • We provide children with a broad knowledge of public institutions and services and promote respect for these services
  • We encourage children to become involved in decision-making processes and ensure they are listened to in school
  • We have a school council and elect two school councillors from each class. We hold monthly meetings where children are actively encouraged to express their views and feedback to their classes.
  • We hold regular classroom debates and discussions so KS2 children can learn how to question, argue and defend points of view
  • We model how perceived injustice can be peacefully challenged

Rule of Law

At Mauldeth Road Primary School:

  • We ensure school rules and expectations are clear and fair. These are clearly displayed in every classroom and children know and understand their value.
  • We help children to distinguish right from wrong
  • We develop restorative justice approaches to resolve conflicts
  • We include visits from the police in the curriculum

Individual Liberty

 At Mauldeth Road Primary School:

  • We support children to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence and become independent thinkers
  • We encourage children to take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • We help children to know and understand their rights
  • We implement a strong anti-bullying culture and encourage children to speak about any issues they may face
  • We actively challenge stereotypes

Respect and Tolerance

At Mauldeth Road Primary School:

  • We promote respect for individual differences- ‘It is good to be me’ ‘We are all intelligent in different ways.’
  • We promote respect for diversity and equality
  • We help pupils to acquire an understanding of, and respect for, their own and other cultures and ways of life
  • We challenge prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour
  • We organise visits to different places of worship
  • We develop links with faith communities
  • We discuss differences between people, such as differences of faith, age, ethnicity and disability and actively promote positive role-models

Mauldeth Road Primary School
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