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School Re-opening

We are looking forward to welcoming all year groups back to school on Monday, 7th September. We have made some important changes to our systems and routines, to keep children safe. We have followed guidance from the Local Authority and the Government in making our plans.

Please read this whole letter very carefully.

We will split the whole school into year group ‘bubbles’. The children will stay with their bubble throughout the day. There will be two different start and finish times for children, depending upon which year group they are in.. Please note start and end times which will apply to  your child below..

 Children must arrive on time to allow us to abide by the social distancing rules.


Reception / Year 2 / Year 4 / Year 6

  Nursery  / Year 1 / Year 3  /Year 5








School will be five days each week – Monday to Friday.

There will be Breakfast Club each day in school. After school clubs run by other providers are expected to go ahead in September.

Please note the following:

  • Only one parent to accompany their child to school
  • Please do not congregate or wait around the school gates.
  • Please do not come to the school office.. Please contact the office via email and phone.
  • The school meal will be a packed lunch. 
  • The children will eat their lunch with their bubble in the canteen.
  • Children are asked to bring their packed lunch in a disposable bag – NO lunch boxes please.
  • Children must bring their own water bottle to school, clearly labelled with their name.
  • We will not sell juice in the canteen in September.
  • Children should not bring any bags, pencil cases or toys to school.
  • The children should wear school uniform but, if possible, wear sports shoes or trainers so that they are ready for outdoor learning. Children must bring a waterproof coat to school every day.

If your child will is in Nursery/ Reception/ Year 1 or Year 2

Please enter school via the front gate on Mauldeth Road and then walk straight down the path onto the KS 1 playground. Please follow social distancing rules and guidelines on the playground. Children will be dropped off one at a time with a member of staff by the gate into school. There will be no access to the school via any other gates.

If your child is in Year 3/ Year 4 / Year 5 or Year 6

Please enter school via the large gates at the end of  Aubrey Road and onto the junior playground. Please follow social distancing ruleand guidelines on the playground. Children will be dropped off one at a time with a member of staff by the gate next to the canteen. There will be no access to the school via any other gates.

If you have children with different start times,

Please bring the older children into school when their younger siblings are due to come in. They will then walk into school from the KS1 playground and wait outside their classroom for their teacher. At the end of the day, the older children will leave with their younger siblings. They will walk out of school with them and meet their adult on the KS1 playground.

What is a bubble?

  • The children in one year group will make up a single bubble. Staff and children will stay together as a bubble all day, in their specified area of the school.
  • Bubbles are fixed and children cannot move between them. Children will be spread out in class as much as possible and there will be staggered play and lunch times so that bubbles do not meet.
  • Children will play only within their designated bubbles.
  • As far as possible, children will have their own equipment and books which they will not share.
  • Children will be socially-distanced in the classroom, with their own workspace. Whilst working within Government guidelines, we must be clear that it will not be possible to impose fixed social distances.


What will we do if there is a suspected Covid-19 case?

The child will be removed from the bubble and supervised by an adult who will wear PPE. A parent will be called to come and collect the child. If you get such a call, please be prepared to come into school immediately. Please be aware that the child must be tested before returning to school.

What happens if there is a confirmed case?

If not tested, the child/ staff member will self-isolate for 7 days, with the rest of the household isolating for 10 days. Once  a test is carried out, any child or member of staff who tests negative can return to school, but must show proof of their result.. Where the test is positive, the rest of the bubble will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days.

As a parent, how can I help?

  • Take your child’s temperature before you come to school. We will only take temperatures if we have a concern.
  • If your child is at all unwell, or has a temperature above 37.8ºC, keep them at home.
  • Ensure your child has washed their hands before coming to school.
  • Be on time and stick to your time for the staggered start to the day. We cannot guarantee entry to school if your child is late.
  • Please socially distance from the teacher and other school staff.
  • At pick up time please be prompt but socially distance while waiting.

Send any messages for teachers via email at: communication@mauldethroad.manchester.sch.uk


We have a few changes for September. We would like to congratulate Mrs Akhtar and Miss Lythgoe, who have both given birth to baby daughters, and Mr Mather who has had a son. So when we return, we will have Class 1P, whose teacher will be Miss Purnell, and Class 3H, whose teacher will be Miss Hirst (who some of you will know from her previous work at the school). We wish them well for their time at Mauldeth Road!.


Safeguarding is of fundamental importance to us. If you have a safeguarding issue, which you would like to draw to our attention, please contact a member of our safeguarding team on : safeguarding@mauldethroad.manchester.sch.uk

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