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Pupil Premium

Our pupil premium allocation for 2019-2020 is £170,136

Pupil premium is additional funding received by the school to address social disadvantage. There is no clear way of measuring social disadvantage, but the government uses free school meals as a proxy measure. This is not to say that any specific family is deemed disadvantaged just because they have ever claimed free school meals, but the higher the overall proportion of familes that have claimed then the more likely the school is to be challenged by disadvantage.

This funding is used to try to diminish differences in performance between disadvantaged children and others. Please see below for more information on the strategy and impact of the school's pupil premium expenditure.

The number of children eligible and the overall % of children in the school who qualify for pupil premium

Currently 127 children out of 472 are eligible for Pupil Premium.  This equates to 27%.

2018/19 22.7%

2017/18 18.1%

How is the school using funds to target children?

Having schools own teaching staff cover PPA (non contact time to ensure quality and  consistency of curriculum delivery), having 2 TAs who only deliver intervention groups, and a number who deliver interventions part-time, cost of Literacy Lab (literacy intervention), cost of high quality Y6 booster tuition, cost of a dedicated attendance officer (part time), cost of gifted and talented groups, cost of super thinking days, book week and curriculum enrichment experiences, link work with University and aspirations week, cost of out-of-hours groups: homework, mathletics, guitar, percussion and gardening.

How the school captures the success of these schemes and/or achievements of deprived pupils covered by the premium?

We track the achievement of qualifying pupils on a termly basis, identifying those at risk of underachievement and those who we target for higher level achievement. We look at data from end of KS2 as a final measure of success.

How has pupil premium made a difference?

As a measure of disadvantage, the government counts the number of pupils who have ever been registered as being entitled to free school meals. Being registered qualifies children for the pupil premium.

Due to the availability of free school meals for all infant pupils, many parents do not claim their free school meal entitlement, as there is no obvious need to do so. We request that all eligible parents do register, as their children will then qualify for pupil premium.

In 2018-19, the end of KS2 results shown as pupil premium qualifiers (those ever entitled to free school meals: FSM) compared to those who do not qualify, are as follows. Please note that the 2019 results are still to be adjusted upwards (as they include some recent arrivals from overseas, whose results are to be excluded)



How pupil premium was spent in 2018-19.

NB additional money from school budget was allocated to supplement the grant.


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