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Foreign Languages


Our foreign language curriculum is taught from Year 1 to Year 6 with Spanish as the focus language.  Through regular bi-weekly sessions, children develop practical skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our core focus is on building children’s fluency, underpinned by a developing knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and phonology.


Language Learning and Respect for Diversity

Our school community is lucky to have a broad variety of bilingual (and multi-lingual) children from many different backgrounds.  Our Foreign Languages curriculum aims to foster mutual respect amongst pupils and to enable children to see themselves within a wider cultural context.  We actively encourage children to be curious about languages and to make links between their learning in Spanish and other languages they speak.


Foundations for Further Language Learning 

Our curriculum aims to ensure that children are prepared for continued success in language learning at high school, equipping them with important transferable skills and knowledge they can apply to language learning at key stage 3, regardless of what foreign languages are offered by their chosen high school. 

Language Learning for Brain Power!

We know that the process of learning a new language links up activity in different parts of the brain making it stronger and more flexible.  A bilingual brain is more able to think about different ideas simultaneously and problem solve.  We plan for opportunities within our Foreign Languages curriculum to develop and strengthen higher order thinking skills.


Opportunities for Wider Language Learning

Latin  Children in Year 5 have the chance to attend lunchtime Latin sessions.  These sessions introduce Latin as the basis of many modern European languages, reinforcing pupils' curiosity around languages and strengthening understanding of how languages are structured. The sessions provide a further reference point for pupils' Spanish language learning and knowledge of English vocabulary, spelling and grammar.  Last year we hosted an afternoon of Roman Games to complement the children's Latin learning, which provided a chance to further explore Roman history and culture in terms of mythology, language and the roman system of numerals.


Chinese  A Mandarin Chinese club is held in the Summer Term open to children from Key Stage 2.  The club focuses on developing cognitive skills where children build up a knowledge of common chinese characters.  They then learn how to combine them in compounds of two or more, thus creating new words and phrases.  We follow the Chineasy method of learning developed by ShaoLan Hsueh, more information here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=troxvPRmZm8


Languages Day

We held a Languages Day in 2018 which proved popular with both pupils and staff.  Through games, puzzles, challenges and creative tasks children got the opportunity to explore many different forms of language and communication ranging from non verbal communication, signs and symbols (such as emojis and morse code) to languages that use different scripts such as Chinese and Arabic.  Pupils developed their awareness of the language diversity within our school, linking this with skills in Geography and a greater understanding of the multi cultural nature of our city. Pupils were asked to examine what it means to be a speaker of more than one language on a personal level.





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